Help your parcel on its way...

Ensure that your parcel shipment meets our shipping instructions:

The parcel must have a DPD parcel label. Make sure the label is completed correctly and legibly.    

We only ship parcels, we do not transport any other post.

Always use good and sturdy packaging. Product packaging alone is not adequate. Parcels must be sealed with tape, may not be torn in any way and must not leak. Also ensure that the contents cannot move.  

You can hand your parcels in to a DPD ParcelShop at the weekend, but we will only collect them on Monday. The time for delivery will therefore be a little longer.

Has your parcel been damaged or lost? Then you will receive compensation if you notify DPD thereof within 15 days. The compensation is determined based on the CMR-conditions.

A parcel must not exceed 20 kg. It must not be larger than 100 (L) x 50 (W) x 50 (H) (in cm). Parcels that are either too heavy or too big cannot be delivered by us.

The recipient refuses a parcel, or a parcel is too big or too heavy? Or there is another reason why we cannot deliver a parcel? Then we will return the parcel to you. You do not have to pay extra for this but you will not be refunded the shipping costs either. You can read more about this in our General Conditions.

We will not ship illegal or dangerous goods (e.g. fireworks, arms). We will not ship the following products either: live animals, arms, perishable goods, breakable items (e.g. ceramics or glass), valuable objects (e.g. antiques, cash, precious metals and stones) and valuable documents. A full list can be found in our General Conditions.

A parcel must never be in breach with the law applicable for the (inter)national shipment of goods. So ensure you are aware of the customs and excise regulations applicable in the country of destination.

The General Conditionsof DPD Web Parcel are applicable to all shipments.

We do not deliver to islands. The United Kingdom and Ireland are an exception. It is not possible to ship to P.O. Boxes.